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Artistic Cyclist:  Viola Brand from Stuttgart, Germany
Rock Climber: put "Brooke Raboutou" into 'YouTube.com', and/or
"Wikipedia.org" you will be impressed...
Brook Raboutou"
Kayak - Canoe: If rock climbing doesn't 'get-you' then try Evy Liebfarth:
  GoEvy (to Tokyo for the Olympics) "

a.) - been working in the yard a 'bit' -but neither of us has
much tolerance for the HEAT and SUN which is MORE,
NOW that June (nearly July) (HOT!) is here.


Books read, reported and researched:


the James Patterson 'Maximum Ride' series continues to amaze me (and I
   guess others as they are selling REALLY WELL!)

IF YOU ONLY HAVE TIME / Patience for one of these books in the series
   I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these two which are a 'prequel' to the 'main event...
     the  'prequels'  are:
         When the Wind Blows     and     The Lake House

and as a 'last tidbit': in this one: "Maximum Ride The Final Warning"
    - the 'exchange' between "Max Ride" and people in congress
    that claim they want to help is priceless - there is, also -
    less 'fighting' and more 'philosophy' in this book - get it!


we still have some chopped & frozen mangos,
so we're still doing smoothies which are very tasty and refreshing
in all the "HEAT" around here!

this section is nearly a year old, but still relevant... 3.) being in the mountains is fun, but you are definitely at the ends of both power and internet HOWEVER - a few Olympic thoughts: a.) many sports have come and gone over the years, many more will do the same a.1.) EVERY sport initiated into the Olympics - changes as a result of their "Olympic Status" this WILL HAPPEN in both Rock Climbing AND Kayak-Canoe Slalom BEST TO GET USED TO IT _ it's inevitable b.) I was MOST INTERESTED in Brooke Raboutou (rock-climbing) AND c.) Evy Liebfarth (who normally lives near Asheville in Bryson City) (canoe & kayak (whitewater)) d.) Brooke did fairly well - finishing in 5th, I think, e.) Evy not so well 12th in one event and 18th in another.... BOTH these ladies had practiced hard and done well in other world-class events, but didn't podium in the Olympics - just goes to show that dedication and practice really help - but there are others out there with more skill, dedication, practice and coaching?

   There were some other messages coming in from other people and places
   around the world.  Some of these were 'of note' - some went directly to the trash...
ONE in Particular attempted to throw cold water on the 'Covid Fire' - and it's hard to
see people attacking other people's hard work

- BUT I think this about that:

   As long as there are those that 'attack' others work, there will be detractors
   and supporters and as long as the detractors and supporters have a 'public-forum'
   to vent their thoughts in / from, there will be those that don't do the work
   but that criticize others work.

   It MAY BE EASIER (with the 'internet') to both support and detract, but in the end
   one group will ALWAYS PREVAIL _ good or bad - but we the 'public' have to read and
   understand and ultimately decide what to believe and what NOT to BELIEVE?

and: - Bill's parting-shot(s) for this time-period (month / week / whatever?):
I think most of us are LUCKY to be alive, healthy, educated, and a 'roof over our head',
and food in the fridge and gas in the car...

   More so, even, at 'our age' I'm semi-retired, and doing not-so-much of anything
   worthwhile, acting as if I were an engineer, sometimes carrying boxes of clay,
   sometimes making a tool or 'goodie' for someone to benefit someone's life

   but doing MOSTLY what we want when we want and HOW we want and
   with little to NO interference.

   The FREEDOM we have is mostly someone else's 'hard work'  (mostly the military!)
   - but as time goes by we have the opportunity to 'contribute' and most of us do
   - that I feel muchly thankful for that...

More power to America, which ain't perfect, but after 10 - 12 years dealing
with various countries, and living in other places, I think I can say, we May
NOT BE PERFECT but I think we're better-off than some!

some random music-things; some from the web, some from other places:


books, books, MORE books -- this file is nearly 5 years old, but some of the
books mentioned are still VERY VERY GOOD!!! - try it...


some young ladies of some note can be witnessed here:
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